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Cargo Van

The most popular commercial vehicle on the road is the cargo van. Inexpensive, with lots of inside empty space to keep tools or packages out of the weather. They come in multiple sizes and heights and have a wide variety of bins, drawers and shelving configurations to meet almost all needs. They are easy to get in and out of because they are low to the ground. Common vocational uses include; blacksmith, carpenters, electricians, forestry, general contractors, HVAC, mobile veterinarian, plumbers, propane service, fuel service, public works, telecom, cable, utilities and pool supply companies.

Passenger Wagon

These vehicles come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your demands for moving people or cargo. Full size vans have been very popular, time-tested, and proven workhorses. Ideal for airport shuttle service, parcel delivery, and tradesmen. They are available in 1/2 - 3/4 and 1 ton models, and choices of gasoline or CNG-powered engines.

Cab Chassis

Ready to fit the ideal body for your trade or service, this truck is a blank slate, ready to become the right work truck for your needs.

Service Utility Van

These vans allow their owners to work while standing up, mounted to a conventional cab, cab over, or a cutaway chassis. Service Bodies are used by general contractors, HVAC, plumbers, handy men, decorators, painters, carpenters, cleaning services, or remodeling professionals.

Platform Body

A flatbed truck is a very common and popular truck used in a wide variety of jobs. When removable gates are added to carry taller cargo, the truck is referred to as a "Stakebed". In some parts of the country it is also called a "Platform" truck. All of these types of truck generally come with a square headboard to protect the cab from damage. Common vocational uses include; Blacksmith, Carpenter, Forestry, General construction, hauling ,landscaping, nurseries, farming, Pool builders, fencing, paver and driveway, plumbing, public works, refuge, recycling and welding companies.

Cutaway Van

The type of van body is typically used as a delivery vehicle. A "Dry Van" as it is sometimes called, keeps the cargo out of sight and weather, allowing it to be used year around. It comes in a variety of lengths and heights. Its commonly used by these companies and vocations; cargo, delivery, electrical, food services, general construction, hauling, HVAC and heating, mobile veterinarian, pool and supply, public works, refrigeration, telecom, cable and utilities.

Dump Body

These trucks do what the name implies, dump their contents. Usually constructed of steel and carrying heavy loads, they take a lot of abuse and keep on rolling. They come in a number of styles and sizes. Typical vocational uses include; rock hauling, landscaping, forestry, general construction, plowing, public works, refuse and recycling companies.


Landscape Dump

Van Upfit